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Excellent Medium post on SaaS financial models

Discovered this great post from Shubham Datta focused entirely on best practices for building your SaaS financial model. Datta is a Director at SurePath Capital Partners and breaks down the key components of the financial model. In it, he asks the same key questions that we ask at ballparq when trying to build your model:

  1. The Sales Plan: how does your business plan to generate revenue?

  2. The Hiring Plan: who’s going to be on the team to do it and when should you hire them?

  3. The Expenses: what will it cost to keep the servers/hosting up and running, attract new customers, keep the lights on, etc.?

  4. Metrics: what is the average revenue per user (ARPU), how much are you paying to acquire them (CAC) and many other SaaSy metrics that show an investor how awesome your business actually is.

  5. Overall tips and best practises: creating a financial model isn’t a science, there isn’t one right answer — there is however some things that work and others that don’t.

In ballparq, our Sales Plan is reflected by our Revenue Channels, his Hiring Plan is our G&A Staffing module and his Expenses page is our Office and Direct Cost pages.

You can read at length on the medium post here:

You can follow Datta on his site:

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Tim Arvizu
Tim Arvizu
Sep 26, 2022


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