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Defining transactions for different user quality (Games Example)

creating users of different quality

Whales, Dolphins and Minnows

Games often define 3 user groups: whales, dolphins and minnows. The difference between them is the value they hold on a games continuously added content. Whales, also called Superfans, spend the most money while Minnows spend the least with the Dolphins ending up between the two.

In Ballparq, we can model this behavior by creating 3 separate revenue channels from one cohort group and defining a different percentage for each channel from that group.


  1. Create 3 Per Transaction channels on your page.

  2. Enter Whales in the first label, Dolphins in the second and Minnows in the third. Now you have 3 channels which you are going to model different purchase behaviors.

  3. Set a percentage of the incoming cohort group to 10% for the Whales, 40% for the Dolphins and set Minnows to 50%. When added together, these total 100% of the cohort group. Now can then define distinct purchase behaviors within each channel.

  4. Define your purchase behavior with the remaining properties. The image above suggests some starting values but these will depend on your product and price points.

3 revenue channels

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